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YourRxCard Reports Member Savings Over $1.6M For January 2008

Rex Bowden Jr. of, a free prescription drug discount card program, has recently stated that the usage of their free drug card has saved over $1.6M off the retail costs of medication nationwide for their members.

Baton Rouge, LA Feb 14, 2008 -- According to President, Rex Bowden Jr. "YourRxCard members saved $1,600,003.41 over the retail price of prescription drugs, and projects over $30,000,000 over the next 12 months".  Currently the average discount per medication is 38.38% across all generics and name brands.  While generics will have the greatest discounts you can still see some relief on name brand prescriptions.

Recent studies, such as a report issued by the Kaiser Foundation notes that nearly fifteen percent of those with medical insurance have left prescriptions unfilled because of costs concerns. The same study found that nearly one-third of senior citizens have left prescriptions unfilled due to an inability to pay. These findings are consistent with a statement from Dispensing Solutions that notes, "The pharmacy industry currently reports that about 30% of prescriptions written by physicians are never filled by the patient." offers a new option for helping those in need, or those simply wanting to save money on their prescription drugs, by offering a free drug card.

About YourRxCard is a free prescription drug card program produced to help all Americans cut their prescription drug costs. Individuals can download and print their free prescription drug card from, or through one of the company's state-specific prescription drug card programs at (ex.,, etc.) for most US states, and receive savings of up to 75% at more than 57,000 national, regional, and local pharmacies. There are no deductibles, no waiting periods, and no pre-existing exclusions with the use of the card.

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