Group Net LLC is Helping Uninsured Patients Get Free Medication

Pharmaceutical companies offer low-income individuals or families medication at zero cost. consolidates over 1,000 patient assistance programs and makes it easy for individuals to find the medication they need.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, February 21, 2008 -  Visitors to can find over 1,000 different Patient Assistance Programs to choose from. Even though these programs are not mandated by the government, pharmaceutical companies offer many popular drugs in these programs at low prices. Medication offered include: Allegra, Lipitor, Zoloft, Viagra, and more. The comprehensive catalog offered by allows visitors to find the exact medication they need and what requirements they must fulfill in order to get the drug.

After a member of identifies the program they want, the web site helps the visitor enroll into the program. makes it easy for individuals to find and fill all the correct forms so that they can receive their medication. For those who do not qualify for PAPs or those who are waiting to qualify, the web site offers alternative medication help that these people can try.

Rex Bowden, owner and lead developer of, said, “We are trying to help those that are uninsured get access and knowledge to help that is out there.  Over 80% of the people that qualify for these programs don’t even know and end up going without their medication which is a real concern”

The innovative is sure to spark a revolutionary change in the way patients find the medication they need. The web site is totally free, members are provided the tools to keep notes about programs they are enrolled in and set reminders for when they need to resubmit enrollment forms.

You can find the list of over 1,000 Patient Assistance Programs and sign up for a membership at

About Group Net LLC
Group Net LLC has been the expert in helping individuals find the inexpensive medication they need., a company owned by Group Net LLC, has been featured in the Associated Press for providing members with up to 90 percent in discounts depending on the drug and the pharmacy.

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