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New Online Service Helps Individuals Comply with Their Medication Regiment and Helps Pharmaceutical Companies Maintain Drug Patents is a Free Medication Reminder and Schedule Organizer for Patients' Daily Medication Needs That Also Helps to Improve Health Outcomes and Cost-Effectiveness for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

BATON ROUGE, La., Jan. 19, 2010 - - Patient compliance with their drug regimen is of vital importance to both the patient and the pharmaceutical companies. Lack of patient compliance with taking medication can lead to adverse health outcomes to the individual which can increase health care utilization costs. Lack of patient compliance can also affect the clinical effectiveness of drug therapies and potentially lead to expired patents and an increase in treatment costs.

But a new online service,, seeks to improve patient compliance and may also reduce the risk felt by pharmaceutical companies and the health care system in general.

Adhering to treatment is a complex and fluctuating behavior pattern. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 47 percent of Americans take one prescription drug. This number increases to 66 percent and 87 percent in Americans ages 45 to 65 and 65 and older, respectively. is a free online service that allows individuals to manage their medication by receiving free text or email messages alerting them to take their medications. also allows the individual to monitor their medication, print medication schedule charts and share their maintenance routine with their medical providers.

According to John’s Hopkin’s University, SMS (short message service or text messaging) like those offered by, may help to improve medication use and treatment for chronic diseases like asthma, high cholesterol or diabetes, which require daily medication.

Improved adherence to medication regiments can consequently affect pharmaceutical companies as they try to continue to offer cost-effective and efficacious drug treatment therapies and it can also in the long run help to keep health care utilization costs down as a patient’s compliance improves his or her health outcomes.

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About is a free medication reminder and schedule organizer for patients' daily medication needs. Users can save their schedule online and have reminders emailed or texted to their mobile phone to remind them to take their medications and get their prescriptions refilled. turns the daily chore of taking the proper medications into a hassle-free process. The service is completely free, and visitors to the site can get started through a simple three-step system: register on the site, add their medications and schedule, and set their preferred text or email reminders. This service is also free to all healthcare providers, all insurance companies and managed care providers.

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